Wiretap: How Obama can push the Clean Power Act without Congress and still keep it legal

Court ruling

Obama’s greenhouse-gas rules are meant to accomplish many things, including convincing other nations to follow suit. But maybe the most important component of the new rules is for them to be able to stand up in court. Via The Atlantic.

No Congress?

Meanwhile, The New York Times asks and answers five questions about the Obama plan, starting with how can he do it without Congress.

Awkward guys

In a 14-person Trump-less GOP forum (not a debate, because that’s against the rules) in New Hampshire, there was much awkwardness and very little news. Oh, there was Jeb Bush stumbling over the Bush-family question again. Via The New York Times.

No doze

Chris Wallace promises some “doozies” as moderator of Thursday’s debate. Via The Washington Post.

10th place

Oops: It looks like Kasich is in and Perry is out for the 10th spot in the debate. Meanwhile, Trump’s poll numbers are crushing the field. Via The Washington Post. Hotline’s GOP power rankings put Trump all the way up to … fourth.

Strategic thinking

Santorum on the debate he won’t be in: The key to success is to avoid any substantive answers but to deliver memorable “zingers.” Via Real Clear Politics.

Long shot

Will Joe Biden run? If he decides to, he’d be a long shot. Is he really ready, at age 72, to take that on? Via The New Yorker.

Summer slump

Doyle McManus on Hillary Clinton’s summer slump. The trust question isn’t going away, but there was a candidate back in 1992 who had a campaign-long problem with the trust question. His name was also Clinton. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Death spiral

Vox explains the Puerto Rico debt crisis: There’s not one death spiral but two.

Photo credit: Jack Pease, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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