Wiretap: No apologies for “phenomenal to women” Donald Trump

Blood wherever

Donald Trump went on all the Sunday morning shows to insist he said nothing wrong. Of course, he did. He said he would be “phenomenal to the women” on Face the Nation. And the “wherever” blood line about Megyn Kelly? He was talking about her nose, he said. Or maybe it was her ears. In any case, it was just another day for the Donald. Via Politico.

Pure id

Trump is pure political id. And so far, whatever anyone thinks, it’s working. Via The Washington Post.

Defending Trump

Is Maureen Dowd defending Trump? Sort of. Via The New York Times.

No substance

The Borowitz Report: Rivals say Trump fails to back up his misogynist rhetoric with anti-women proposals. Via The New Yorker.

Disrupting the peace

A day of peaceful protest in Ferguson, marking the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, ends in gunfire. Via The New York Times.

New perspectives

How Ferguson changed the way we look at race. Via Vox.

Race on

After losing the stage to #blacklivesmatter in Seattle, Bernie Sanders presents a sweeping platform to address racial inequality. Via The Huffington Post.

Long wait

Martin O’Malley, meanwhile, is waiting for the Sanders campaign to fizzle. Might it be a long wait? Via The National Journal.

Not fear-mongering

James Fallows writes in The Atlantic that Obama’s deal-or-war argument about the Iran agreement is not fear-mongering.


Art by Caleb Roenigk, Creative Commons, Flickr

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