Readers’ views: Should the EPA be blamed in the Animas River disaster?

When The Colorado Independent asked our readers if the Animas River spill should be blamed on the EPA in response to Nancy Lofholm’s story “Bad Water: Locals blame Animas River disaster on the ‘Environmental Pollution Agency,'” the response was swift.

Here’s some of what folks had to say.

Steve Meng:

Did the EPA take millions in gold out of the mine and just leave it for others to clean up? HELL NO. This is an accident by the EPA while trying to clean up after the private concerns who just walked away from the mine.

Get your head out of your butt.

Christopher Cleary:

The mining company created the pollution. The gutted EPA is the last hope to clean up the SuperFund mess that the mining company created. You guys are asshats to keep blaming the EPA, for what the mining company created. Why aren’t you going after the mining company?

Mike McDaniel

Surely those are the same right wing numbnuts who want to abolish it completely. Hypocrites.

Nelda Waxman

How about blaming the mining company? Or the locals who refused for decades to have this declared a Superfund site?

Clela Rorex

I agree with Nelda Waxman. And will add that we can also thank Republicans for years of gutting the EPA and running their campaigns on wanting to close them down completely.

James Durkee

Governmental agencies are not always the best way to get things done. If we had ethics in this country we could let private companies take care of things, but from the top down ethics are just about gone…

Kevin Doyle

They made a mistake. And it turned out, this time, to be a big one. But it wasn’t done with malice. Of course the right wingnuts are going to blame whatever they can. They can’t see past their own hatred of everything. They live in constant fear as it is.

Brandon Mena Sr.

This is incredible. How much more of the yellow water is there? 22,000 mines closed. Sounds like Colorado is a covered up disaster zone. It seems to me that the oozing out of the water by the EPA was done very much on purpose. Something that had to be done.


Of course they are going to blame the EPA and Big Gub’mint…soon they will blame Obama…