Wiretap: Hillary Clinton’s iffy attempt to end the email scandal

You’ve got mail

In an attempt to try to put the email issue to rest, Hillary Clinton agrees to give her private email server and a thumb drive to the FBI. McClatchy reports that her aides are now being drawn into an inquiry about two emails classified as Top Secret. Chris Cillizza writes in The Washington Post that Clinton’s attempt to get past the email story won’t work.

Iraq attack

Jeb Bush is attacking Clinton on Iraq. Yes, on Iraq. Is that the smart move for the Bush brother to make? Via Politico.

Missing the point

Clinton’s video on addressing the issues of student debt misses the real problem in paying for college. Via Vox.

But why?

The reason Trump survived the Megyn Kelly blowup is that his fellow Republicans can say he is wrong, but they’re having trouble articulating why. Via The New Yorker.


The story of Trump vs. Fox quickly became the story of Trump and Fox marching together into the sunset. Via The New York Times.

Promise keepers

Two questions from Ferguson: Who are the Oath Keepers and why has the armed group come back? Via The Washington Post.

Chuck calling

Chuck Schumer is working the phones on his decision to oppose the Iran nuclear deal, saying he won’t work the phones in whipping anyone else to oppose the Iran nuclear deal. Via Politico.


Ruth Marcus writes in The Washington Post that Obama is only hurting himself by demonizing those voting against him on Iran.

Iran on Iran

What the Iran deal debate is like in Iran. Via The Atlantic.


Photo credit: Keith Kissel, Creative Commons, Flickr

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