Wiretap: Jeb’s latest dud attempt at defending his brother’s Iraq legacy

Mission accomplished?

Jeb Bush: “Mission was accomplished” by his big brother on Iraq security until Barack Obama ruined it all by withdrawing the troops. And so it was, he said, that ISIS began. Jeb! didn’t mention that it was George who signed the agreement to withdraw the troops. Via The Washington Post.

Wrong side

How did Bernie Sanders, the ultimate lefty, get on the wrong side of so many progressive groups? Via Politico.

Flawed argument

Ben Carson ripped Planned Parenthood on the fetal-tissue issue. But it turns out that Carson had done research himself using tissue from aborted fetuses. Via The Washington Post.

Gray area

Sarah Kliff watched all 12 hours of the released unedited Planned Parenthood videos. She reports that everything may not be as clear-cut as you think. Via Vox.

Nitty gritty

If you’re truly interested in the details of the Iran nuclear deal, a former nuclear negotiator offers an in-depth analysis of the battleground issues for the Brookings Institution.

In from the cold

The path to raising the U.S. flag in Cuba had all the makings of a LeCarre novel, complete with the need to hide a secret pregnancy that might have derailed the talks. Via The New York Times.

Cop killers

This may not be a shocker: The states with the highest gun ownership are the states where the most cops are killed. Via The New York Times.

Ninth place

Hotline’s rankings on the most likely Senate seats to flip in 2016: Michael Bennet’s seat come in at ninth.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons, Flickr

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