Wiretap: Stopping “soft target” terrorists is nearly impossible

Soft targets

The three Americans who heroically thwarted what was apparently a terrorist attack on a Brussells-to-Paris train resisted the hero label. But the happy ending does not change what is the obvious truth about the terrorist with the AK-47 on the train — that it is nearly impossible to stop terrorists in all the “soft targets.” Via The New York Times.

Crash economics

If you’re wondering what has happened to your stock portfolio, Vox explains, sort of.

Not full

Donald Trump didn’t fill up the Alabama stadium, but he did bring in 20,000 or so. But there’s success and there’s success. The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel pointed out that Alabama is the state that passed a law that is the nearest thing to Trump’s immigration plan — and that it failed … badly.

Beauty pageant

If you’re not a Maureen Dowd fan, you don’t have to read the entire column. Just read the David Axelrod closer on Trump:  “In a parlance Trump would appreciate: We’re still in the swimsuit competition. It gets harder in the talent rounds.” Via The New York Times.

Dangerous liaisons

Joe Biden meets with Elizabeth Warren. No one has any idea what that was really about. Via Politico.

Wooing evangelicals

Ted Cruz makes a major pitch for the evangelical vote with a 50-state assault on Planned Parenthood. Via The Washington Post.

Congressional decision

It’s easy to blame Obama for doing not enough, or too much, in the war against ISIS. But the real question is if we’re at war with ISIS – and it seems we are — why won’t Congress address the issue and declare war or not. Via The Atlantic

Destroying antiquity

ISIS blows up a 2,000-year-old temple in Palmyra, Syria. Via The New York Times.

Leisurely pursuits

Once upon a time, there was something called the crisis of leisure, when it was assumed that soon there wouldn’t be enough work to go around. It’s obvious that leisure lost. But why? Is there really any reason why Americans have to work so much? Via The New Yorker.

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