Wiretap: Iran deal almost sealed, but how will Senate stamp it?

Can’t touch this

Democrats are very close to getting a veto-override-proof number on the Iran nuclear deal in the Senate. Now they’re pushing for 41 votes, which would mean that the bill would never get to Obama’s desk. Via Politico.

Dead not gone

The lesson of Anwar al-Awaki: The U.S. killed him with a drone strike and now the radical cleric is more influential than ever. Was there a better way? Via The New York Times.

Control freaks

Those were the days — back in 1934 when the NRA president was in favor of gun control. It’s fair to say that things have changed. Via Vox.

Phantom candidate

The Democratic National Committee is preparing to meet and four presidential candidates will be there. But all the buzz is about the one Democrat who is staying as far away as possible. Via The National Journal.

Long way to fall

We keep hearing about Hillary’s problems, but the one-time front-runner with the real issues is Jeb! What in the world happened? (Hint: It’s not just the Donald.) Via The New Yorker.


If you want the argument for why the Clinton email “scandal” isn’t really a scandal, read this piece in The Washington Post by David Ignatius.

Keep it up

The Trump-Cruz bromance goes on tour — bringing an anti-Iran-nuclear-deal rally to Washington sometime in September. No one could be happier about this than Obama. Via The Washington Post.

Deal with it

Let’s get past the partisan stuff and deal with the reality of the Iran deal. Here are 10 questions Obama needs to answer. Via The Atlantic.


Stampy Fun II by Ronald Lopez, Creative Commons, via Flickr

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