Wiretap: Michael Bennet could make or break the Iran deal. Which way will he go?

Final answer please

Obama is up to 33 votes in the Senate on the Iraq nuclear deal — one short of the 34 he needs to ensure that a veto would hold. It looks like a sure thing now, but Michael Bennet remains among the undecided. Via The New York Times.

Scandal less

Following the latest Hillary Clinton email dump, The Washington Post writes that Clinton sent at least six emails on her private server that would end up being classified. None, though, were apparently classified when she sent them. Does that amount to a scandal?

Stinger won’t sting her

In other Clinton news, James O’Keefe comes out with his latest sting video, in which Clinton campaigners are seen as being kind to a Canadian. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank says it looks like the all-Hillary-scandal-all-the-time boys are running out of ammo.

Doesn’t change a thing

Deal or no deal, to the hardliners in Iran, America is still the Great Satan, still the country that has committed “uncountable crimes.” Via The New York Times.

No more

In a landmark settlement, California has agreed to move 2,000 prisoners out of solitary confinement back to the general population. The state has agreed to stop using solitary as a way to control violent gangs by punishing gang membership rather than actual behavior. Via The Los Angeles Times.


Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, a reliable Obama ally and also a reliable friend to Israel, shows just how hard this Iran nuclear vote can be. Via Politico.

Style over substance

Charles C.W. Cooke wonders in The National Review why conservative purists don’t seem to care that the Donald passes almost none of their purity tests.

Jeb! vs. Trump

Can Jeb! win the Bush-Trump social media feud? The problem is tougher than that. If he doesn’t answer Trump’s attacks, Jeb! looks weak. If he does answer them, he looks, well, weak.  Via The Washington Post.

Rank-and-file along

The SEIU is apparently very close to endorsing Clinton. Can Bernie Sanders’ supporters at SEIU talk the union leaders out of it? Via Politico.

Says who?

How bad is the China economic downturn really? It’s bad enough for the stock markets to get hammered again. But measuring the Chinese economy is difficult because you don’t know how much to trust the government’s data. Via The New Yorker.


Photo by Mike Kindig, Colorado Labor Advocate, Creative Commons, via Flickr


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