Homebrew: Forest Service burns budgets fighting Western fires

Burning money

National Forests in Colorado are losing their annual budgets to firefighting efforts across the West, reports the Aspen Times. That means road construction and maintenance and reforestation are dropping down the Forest Service priority list.

Erin Brockovich

Remember Erin Brockovich, the namesake of a fictional movie chronicling her real world environmental and consumer activism? She’s touring the Navajo Nation to see the effects of the Colorado mine spill into the Animas River, The Denver Post reports.

Private matters

Douglas County’s school board is desperately trying to keep using public money to pay for the county’s kids’ private schools – so desperate that they’re taking their voucher case to the Supreme Court. Via The Denver Post.

Well done

In Garfield County, oil and gas enthusiasts have something to celebrate and anti-frackers have something to worry about. According to The Grand Junction Sentinel, the county boasts 11,000 active wells – 1/5 of the sites in the state.

Not guilty

Boulder County’s District Attorney Stan Garnett decided that the cop who shot and killed a knife-wielding, naked, LSD-tripping CU Boulder student was in the right, reports the Boulder Daily Camera.

Horse play

Over 60 maltreated horses from Texas – victims of starvation and neglect – are recovering from abuse in Franktown, Colorado, reports The Denver Post. Once their ribs are no longer showing and they are accustomed to human touch, they will be placed with hopefully loving owners.

Photo credit: Robyn Jay, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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