Wiretap: Will U.S. help in Syrian refugee crisis? Probably not

Refugee crisis

What will the United States do to help resolve the Syrian refugee crisis? The National Journal says, probably not much in the summer of Trump. Meanwhile The Wall Street Journal reports that Germany, which is expected to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees, is being criticized for being too generous. And, via The New York Times, Hungary is facing criticism for being xenophobic.

Wrong element

One of the big sticking points in the Iran nuclear deal is how much uranium Iran will have when the deal is done. But the real issue is plutonium, not uranium, and Iran made one of its biggest concessions there. Why have so few noticed? Via The New York Times.

Right rising

Harvard professor Danielle Allen says we’ve gotten the story of Donald Trump’s surge to the front of the Republican pack wrong. It’s not the man, she writes, it’s the movement. She says that Trumpists represent the same kind of nativist, right wing parties that have grown so prominent in Europe. Via The Washington Post.

Wasting clout

Juan Williams writes that #blacklivesmatter risks wasting its clout and the clout of African-Americans if it can’t come up with an agenda. Via The Hill.

No concern

Larry Sabato and team takes a look at the eight issues that may well determine who’s elected president in November of 2016. None of them, they write, will concern the Donald. Via Politico.

Tough lessons

Many voters were looking for something different from the Dynastic Duo before anyone was thinking of Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Bernie Sanders. Dan Balz wonders what Clinton and/or Bush have learned from a difficult summer for both.

Who’s Carson?

All the polls now say that it’s past time to start asking who Dr. Ben Carson really is. Amy Davidson gives it a try in The New Yorker.

Solidarity Forever

We’re a day late, but The Nation offers up the top 10 Labor Day songs.



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