Activists demand Denver D.A. prosecute sheriff’s deputy for attacking shackled inmate

Criminal justice watchdogs say time is running out for Denver’s District Attorney Mitch Morrissey to prosecute sheriff’s deputy Brady Lovingier for an unprovoked attack on shackled inmate Anthony Waller in a Denver County courtroom in 2012.

Lovingier is the son of Bill Lovingier, the former longtime head of the Sheriff’s Department.

The Colorado Independent broke the story in 2014 and released the video of Lovingier slamming Waller against a courtroom wall while several other deputies and a judge looked on.

An internal affairs investigation found that the attack was unprovoked.

Last year Waller told The Independent, “I was defenseless. I was addressing the judge, exercising my constitutional rights, and this is what I get? A savage beating?”

You can watch the video below.

[youtube id=”gqFSi-cOQtk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Today, a coalition of police accountability and racial justice activists including the Colorado Latino Forum Denver, Black Lives Matter 5280, the Colorado Progressive Coalition and the Denver chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will be gathering in front of the courthouse alongside Waller’s attorney Kenneth Padilla to demand that Morrissey press charges against Lovingier and to protest what activists described on Facebook as “another blatant example of Mitch Morrissey’s failure to prosecute law enforcement for crimes against civilians.” 

Critics of Morrissey see the Waller case as one in a string of excessive force cases — including killings — by law enforcement officials that his office has refused to prosecute.

Photo credit: Denver County Court


  1. Morrisey is a COMPLETE WASTE as a prosecutor. How much MORE obvious does an assault have to be before this USELESS JERK does his blasted job? The video is clear. This cop needs to be jailed for what is an unprovoked and sadistic attack. Why is he NOT IN JAIL?????

    It’s a real shame Denver can’t find itself a GOOD DA, because the one they have now is a WASTE. He owes Denver their money back, he’s clearly NOT interested in doing his own job.


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