Adams County sheriff’s deputy takes a running kick at a man being arrested

A recently released video shows an Adams County Sheriff’s deputy taking a running kick at a man being arrested outside a Denver bar.

The arrest reports filed by the four deputies present during the May 24 attack did not mention an officer kicking Alejandro Resendiz-Chaver, though they detailed other uses of force, according to Fox31.

Thus, the news came as a surprise to the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, which thanked the Fox Problem Solvers news team for bringing the video to its attention – something the District Attorney’s office failed to do despite having a copy of the footage for weeks, Resendiz-Chaver’s lawyer David Suro told Fox31.

Resendiz-Chavero used his cell phone to record the surveillance video from Kelsey’s Bar, the site of the attack. The original footage has been erased by the bar’s security camera.

Suro is considering waging a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department.

This is not the first time Adams County law enforcement has been accused of excessive force. Jailers at the Adams County Jail were known among inmates as the “slam crew,” because of their brutal reputation.

The county has paid out tens-of-thousands of dollars in excessive force cases in the past 10 years.

Photo credit: Fox31