Wiretap: Pope Francis tackles immigration, climate change, poverty

Big talk

It didn’t take the pope long. First day in town, and he’s already talking immigration, climate change and poverty. He also met with Little Sisters of the Poor. But whatever he did, thousands cheered him along the way. Via The New York Times.

Pope’s pulpit

Why is Pope Francis addressing Congress today? Because that’s the way he rolls. Via Vox.

Political necessity

Fox’s Shep Smith takes on those who say the pope should steer clear of politics. What, Smith wonders, would they have him talk about? Via Talking Points Memo.

Big crash

The VW scandal may do more than simply hurt one company. It may also put a large dent in the German economy and, thereby, in the European economy. Via The Washington Post.

Birthing birthers

It may sound like bizarro world to you, but the Republicans are now saying the “birther” story began with Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post says, uh, not exactly.

Fess up

Ron Fournier to Clinton on her emails: Come clear or get out. Via The National Journal.

Falling quickly

How deep into fall will the Late Summer of Carly last? If history is any guide, it won’t be very deep. Via Slate.

Old age

How old is too old to be president? The Democrats — generally seen as the party of young people — seems ready to test the question. Via The New Yorker.

Farewell, Yogi

Yogi Berra, baseball philsopher-king, is dead at 90. As he said – or maybe didn’t say, depending — “Always go to other people’s funerals. Otherwise, they won’t go to yours.” RIP. Via The Atlantic.


Photo credit: Raffaele Esposito, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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