Wiretap: Pope Francis still has a problem with women, argues Maureen Dowd


Maureen Dowd reminds liberals that Pope Francis and his church still have a problem with women. Or as Dowd put its: Francis would be a perfect 19th-century pope. Via The New York Times.

Political pope

Whatever you think of Pope Francis’s positions on the cultural issues of our day, you can’t help but admit that he’s a very good politician. Papal trips to America are normally successful, but this one was more than that. Via The New York Times.

Moral minority

What happens when the moral majority becomes a minority? Conservative Christians are divided between opting out and doubling down. Via The Atlantic.

Bigot bloc

Krauthammer: Ben Carson’s comment on Islam is just one more way Republicans are blowing their chance against Hillary Clinton or whoever ends up as the Democratic nominee.


National Review’s Andrew McCarthy sides with Carson over Krauthammer.

Ignoring rules

What five Supreme Court justices had to ignore in order to come up with the Citizens United ruling. Via The Nation.

Trump’s casinos

Trump and Atlantic City and bankruptcies and angry creditors and the smart money — like Trump’s – getting out of town. What’s the real story on Trump’s casinos. Via The Boston Globe.

No point

Is Jeb! about to lose his exclamation point? According to The Washington Post, Bush’s donors are saying that the poll numbers have to get better or the money may start drying up.

New movement

As Hillary Clinton continues to have her problems, Elizabeth Warren is embracing #blacklivesmatter. Coincidence? Via The Washington Post.

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  1. Maureen I don’t know why anyone much less a woman would want to have any affiliation with this man or his church. If you seek you will find and the Truth will set you free. Why would you want to saddle any woman to the death and decay surrounding him and his organization.

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