Wiretap: Guns: A public health issue

Public health

Kristof: It’s time to take a public-health approach to guns. It shouldn’t be Democrats vs. Republicans. We should take a hard look at the problem of gun violence and figure out how to solve it. Via The New York Times.

Getting guns

A closer look at how the killers in the mass shootings — many of them with obvious mental issues — got their guns. Via The New York Times.

Trigger warning

Frank Bruni: They call this irony: As some campuses are adding “trigger warnings” to their classrooms, others are adding triggers. A look at guns on campus at The University of Texas. Via The New York Times.

Obama vs. Putin

Obama vs. Putin: Syria and the New World Order. How everything has gotten even more complicated, and the solutions even more remote. Via The New Yorker.

More talk

Brent Budowski: It’s time to force Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to make room for more debates. It’s the year in which the people will demand it. Via The Hill.

Explaining Trump

The return of the Middle American Radical: Trump supporters are from MARS; everyone is else is from someplace else. This may be the best explanation of Trumpists yet. Via The National Journal.


Gay rights group gets first look at what a Biden-Clinton campaign would look like. Via Politico.


The right wing of the GOP finally got Boehner, so why isn’t it making them happy? Via New York Magazine.

Not electable

Milbank: Forget the polls. Donald Trump will lose because American voters don’t elect people like Donald Trump. Via The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Peter Stevens, Creative Commons, Flickr

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