Wiretap: In Trump vs. the Koch Brothers, the Donald is winning

Trump vs. Kochs

How Trump is beating the Koch Brothers. Via The Daily Beast.

Broken machine

Those who keep waiting for Trump/Carson/Fiorina to fall and Bush/Rubio/Kasich to rise are the same people who are waiting for the GOP primary campaign to return to “normal.” But what if the model is broken? Via The Washington Post.

History lessons

Yes, Ben Carson really thinks that gun control played a key role in the Holocaust. Really. Via Time.

Voices rising

How Democrats lost their fear and rediscovered their voice on guns: All it took was a closer look at the electoral map. Via The National Journal.

Guns everywhere

Amy Schumer goes after guns — of course she does – on Saturday Night Live. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Via The Atlantic.

Resent re-sent

This may not shock you, particularly after the now-famous Kevin McCarthy comments: The New York Times interviews current and former staffers and examines committee documents to conclude that the House select committee on Benghazi has turned into a House select committee on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Never ending story

Nixon, Woodward and Alexander Butterfield are all back. A new book and newly released archives — the story never ends. Via The Washington Post.

Hated man

News from the front: Brietbart says Paul Ryan is “universally despised” by the conservative base and that his chances of becoming speaker are crumbling before they could even begin.

Speaker search

Vox offers up seven possible routes for the GOP to take to find a new speaker. At least five are implausible.

No indictment

Two reports saying it was “reasonable” for police to have shot Tamir Rice suggest no one will be indicted in the Cleveland killing. Via The New York Times.


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr

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