Wiretap: Sanders the insurrectionist vs. Clinton the reformer

Reform revolution

Peter Beinart explains the real difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: One is an insurrectionist and one an incrementalist. Clinton’s bet is that while most Democrats love Sanders’ passion, they basically want to improve the system rather than overturn it. Via The Atlantic.

On target

One clear takeaway from the Vegas debate: After years of ducking the issue, Democrats are now embracing guns as a centerpiece of the presidential campaign. The question is whether the many mass shootings have changed the national debate. Via The Washington Post.

Inside job

And another: Hillary Clinton may have won the debate, but that doesn’t mean she has solved her problem as an establishment insider with ties to Wall Street. Via The New Yorker.

Climate change

CNN somehow failed to take on climate change in a serious way. Vox suggests they might have asked the Democratic candidates how they’d use the EPA in the battle.

Real possibility

Before you dismiss Ben Carson’s chances in the GOP primary, you might want to look at Jimmy Carter’s longshot path to the presidency. Via The National Journal.

Hit hard

Paul Ryan gets hammered by the right and the GOP establishment has nothing to say. Via Politico.

Proving ground

Russia is using Syria as a proving ground for its new military, and it’s impossible not to take notice. Doing something about it is another story. Via The New York Times.

Yes no

In California high schools, they teach that yes means yes. If only it were that simple. Via The New York Times.


Photo credit: Peter Stevens, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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