Attorney’s listicle shows horror of Colorado school-board rules

Few organizations bust Colorado’s power brokers in court as regularly as Colorado Ethics Watch. So when the organization’s attorney Peg Perl speaks — especially in a Buzzfeed listicle — Coloradans would be wise to listen.

Check out her post: “6 Scary Things You Need to Know About Colorado School Boards,” in which she uses GIF’s of pop culture icons including Darth Vader, Jerry Maguire and Napoleon (of Napoleon Dynamite) to explain troubling facts about the state’s rules governing school boards.

  1. “School board candidates can accept unlimited amounts of money.”

  2. “State ethics rules and enforcement penalties do not apply to school boards.”

  3. “Ads about school board candidates don’t have to be publicly reported like in other elections.”

  4. “Colorado school board elections are magnets for out of state cash.”

  5. “Voters don’t get timely info about the money behind school board candidates.”

  6. “School boards can control budgets up to One Billion Dollars.”

Perl’s solutions: “Use sunshine laws to keep school boards accountable!” and “Get up and vote!”

Check out Perl’s full, super informative and hilarious post here.


Photo credit: Garry Knight, Creative Commons, Flickr