Wiretap: Hillary Clinton survives the Benghazi panel

Nothing new

Months of waiting, 8 hours of asking and dozens of the same questions that have been answered before. Little new information surfaced yesterday when the House Benghazi panel grilled Hillary Clinton. Via The New York Times.

Still standing

Politico reports “The Democratic front-runner left with her eardrums battered and her candidacy well intact.” Here are five takeaways from the hearing.

So normal

It took a mere 45 minutes for Clinton to realize the panel would not hurt her campaign. With 8 hours to blow it, she came off as “the most normal person in the room.” Via The New Yorker.

Short take

Don’t have 8 hours to watch the whole thing? The New York Times put together this 3-minute recap.

Witch hunt

An Upstate New York church launches a witch hunt against its own. Two young men are beaten by their family and fellow churchgoers. One of the young men is murdered. Here’s what happened. Via The New York Times.

Goodbye Lincoln

Lincoln Chafee’s out of the Democratic primary. With Jim Webb gone too, that leaves Clinton fighting off Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, reports The Washington Post. Chafee’s last wish: “an end to the endless wars and the beginning of a new era for the United States and humanity.”

Trump trumping

Republican insiders are saying the chance of Donald Trump winning the Party’s nomination is only growing. Eighty-one percent of on-the-ground Republicans agree. Via Politico.

Ryan’s a go

Paul Ryan’s announced he’s gunning to be the next speaker, even though he didn’t get everything he wants from his colleagues. Via Vox.

Photo credit: Veni, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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