Wiretap: Should Bernie ramp up attacks on Hillary?

Wanna fight?

Bernie Sanders has avoided attacking Hillary Clinton, opting instead to distinguish their political values. But now, his pollsters are testing out ramping up the fight: To hit or not to hit? Via The New York Times.

Baltimore hero

An outraged mother beat her protesting son during the Baltimore Riots, a cameraman caught it, and the image went viral. She was touted as a hero and promised fame and fortune that she never received. Six moths later, here’s what’s happened to Baltimore’s mom. Via The Washington Post.

Melting ice

Greenland is melting,” reports The New York Times. A group of scientists risks everything to find out just how fast.

School cop

Wonder what happens when you put cops in schools? Just watch the Spring Valley High School police brutality video. Via Vox.

Fighting himself

GOP pack leader Ben Carson has a big political problem: Ben Carson and his contradictory ways. Via Politico.

New feminist

Can Carly Fiorina be both a conservative and a feminist? Of course she can, argues Christina Hoff Sommers and Christine Rosen in Politico. And they say Fiorina is redefining what feminism means.

Watch this

Everybody knows seats are limited at the GOP debate. So, here’s how you can watch them. Via Vox.

Outward bound

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Outdoor company REI has decided to defy traditional business wisdom and close shop giving employees a paid day to “go out and play.” Via Forbes.

Photo credit: Phil Roeder, Creative Commons, Flickr

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