Wiretap: GOP campaigns struggle to control debates

No questions

GOP campaigns meet to discuss the debate process. The complaints are many, the solutions are few. The one thing the campaigns agree on: Whatever Fox News does is OK with them. Via The Washington Post.

No cooperation

Shock: New House Speaker Paul Ryan says he won’t work with Obama on immigration reform. Via The New York Times.

American dreams

Trump supporters are looking to bring back that time when America was truly great, even if they can’t agree on what time that was. Via The Washington Post.

Parting ways

Cruz, Rubio moving apart as the pundits push their respective campaigns toward the front. Via The New York Times.

No bother

Why do Americans care so little about Syrian refugees in the greatest refugee crisis since World War II? It starts with the president, writes George Packer. Via The New Yorker.

White powder

How a heroin epidemic among white Americans softened the war on drugs. Via Vox.

Goodbye Thompson

RIP Fred Thompson: From Watergate to Law & Order to the presidential campaign that Thompson described as the most stressful three weeks of his life. Via Politico.

Goodbye Grantland

A eulogy for Grantland, officially shuttered by ESPN. Will we ever see its like again? Via The New Republic.


Seven games into the season, the Broncos’ offense arrives. And for the first time in this 7-0 season, Broncos fans can’t find any reason to panic. Via ESPN.


Photo credit: Raymond Bryson, Creative Commons, Flickr

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