Wiretap: Bush elder: Cheney and Rumsfeld failed W.

Defending W

In a new biography, Bush the Elder trashes Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, saying that W. was ill-served by them. Cheney, he said, built an empire and Rumsfeld was arrogant. And we’ll see who comes forward to defend either one. Via The New York Times.

Say more

Jeb!’s comeback tour, meanwhile, sounds more like a therapy session. Via The Washington Post.

Stopping Trump

Charlie Cook on how the blue-zone Republicans could put a stop to Trump, Carson and Cruz. Via The Cook Report.

Chasm growing

Off-year elections show red states getting redder and blue states getting bluer. Democrats see this as a good thing. Via The Washington Post.

Democrats sinking

Or it could be, as Greg Sargent writes, that Tuesday’s elections show that Democrats are in real trouble. Via The Washington Post.

Bullies lose

The National Review’s take on Houston and Kentucky: Social-justice bullies lose.

Kentucky fried

What does the Kentucky governor’s election say about the Donald? Maybe more than you think. Via The National Journal.

Great invention

Ben Carson thinks he knows who built the pyramids. (Hint: It wasn’t aliens. And it wasn’t the Egyptians.) Via New York Magazine.

Border trouble

If pot becomes legal in Mexico, Trump may get a new use out of his wall. Via The New York Times.

Photo credit: Beverly, Creative Commons, Flickr

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