Wiretap: Court blocks Obama’s immigration plan. Now what?

Plan blocked

As expected, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit blocks Obama’s plan on undocumented immigrants. Now the question is: Will the Supreme Court come to the plan’s rescue?  Via The New York Times.

Touch down

Student activists bring down the University of Missouri president, with the help of the football team, and how the threat to stop playing games changed everything. Via The Nation.

Downward spiral

Milbank: Netanyahu comes to town, and relations between the United States and Israel only get worse.  Via The Washington Post.

Attacking Rubio

According to a New York Times report, Jeb!’s Super PAC allies, sitting on something like $100 million, are preparing a full-scale attack on Marco Rubio, once Jeb!’s mentee and now routinely called a “Judas” in the Bush camp. Is the GOP race about to go ugly?

Big lies

What to watch out for in tonight’s GOP debate: Shameless fibbing. You can blame it on the Donald. Via The Washington Post.

Crazy notions

One thing you can believe about Ben Carson: History shows that very smart people can believe some very crazy things. Via The New Republic.

Turning down

If you don’t believe that Bernie Sanders is serious about his objections to Big Money, just look at the money he’s leaving on the table from would-be liberal donors in Silicon Valley. Via Politico.

Christmas war

The idea that Starbucks has declared war on Christmas is, well, insane. Or so says The National Review.

Baby Hitler

Would you time-travel back in history to kill baby Hitler — or would you instead just go after the reporter who asked the question?  Via Vox.


Photo credit: Phil Konstantin, Creative Commons, Flickr

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