Wiretap: White cop charged with murdering a black youth in Chicago

Officer charged

In Chicago, a white cop is charged with murder a year after the shooting death of a black teen, and the city finally releases the chilling dash-cam video of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times. Via The New York Times.

Dashcam video

Mary Mitchell writes in the Chicago Sun-Times that the hideous dash-cam video tells an even more hideous story.

Hooded men

From Minneapolis, where three have been arrested in the shootings of five Black Lives Matter protesters: Hooded and angry, men came “locked and loaded.” Via The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Plane down

Turkey shoots down a Russian airplane that had strayed over its territory. Where does that leave NATO? And, more important, where does it leave the chance for a diplomatic resolution in Syria? According to Dexter Filkins of The New Yorker: It leads nowhere good.

Fear monger

Jeff Greenfield: Trump exploits our fears. Obama pooh-poohs them. Can’t someone get this right? Via Politico.

Supporting refugees

Why Obama is standing by the Syrian refugees: It’s all a matter of history. Via The Atlantic.

Frankly speaking

And for more on refugee history, there is this: Anne Frank and her family were also refused entry to America as refugees. Via The Washington Post.

Cruzing ahead

Establishment Republicans have been waiting for someone other than Trump or Carson to make a move. But they couldn’t have been waiting for Ted Cruz, who has moved into second place in the latest Iowa poll. Via The Nation.

Busting Cruz

A Rubio backer is behind the new anti-Cruz ad showing in Iowa. Via Politico.

Sexist letter

Ralph Nader writes Janet Yellen what many call a sexist letter on monetary policy. And now Yellen’s response. Via Vox.

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