Wiretap: Robert Dear called anti-abortion terrorists ‘heroes’

Who’s Dear?

The New York Times and The Washington Post both offer up in-depth looks at the life of Robert Dear, the Planned Parenthood killer. It is a life filled with violent episodes and a longstanding stance against abortion. The Times reports that Dear said those in the Army of God, a violently antiabortion group that took credit for bombing clinics, were “heroes.”

Evangelical values

The National Review writes that pro-life, evangelical values are not the problem in Colorado Springs.

Windy City

Rahm Emanuel ducks and dodges. He fires his police chief, but will Emanuel go next? Via The Washington Post.

Big win

Obama wins a round in the immigration wars. It looks like the Supreme Court will rule on his executive orders before he leaves office. Via Politico.

Here’s why

The five facts that explain America’s shameful reaction to the Syrian refugees. Via Time.

Bad deal

It looks like we’ll finally get a deal from the top polluting nations on climate change. It looks, too, like the deal won’t be nearly good enough. Via The New Yorker.

Christie’s comeback

You’ve all been waiting for it, so here it is: The case for Chris Christie’s comeback. Via The National Journal.

99 percent

Mark Zuckerberg promises his new daughter, Max, that he will give 99 percent of his Facebook shares to charity during his lifetime. That would add up, at this point, to $45 billion. Via The New York Times.

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