Accused Planned Parenthood shooter: ‘I’m guilty … a warrior for the babies’


COLORADO SPRINGS — During a court hearing in Colorado Springs, the man police say killed three people at a Planned Parenthood here blurted out that he is guilty.

“I’m guilty — there’s no trial — I’m a warrior for the babies,” shouted Robert Dear, his wrists and ankles shackled in an El Paso County Courtroom.

His comments came as lawyers discussed motions at the beginning of the hearing. Some of the first motions discussed included expanded media coverage.

“It’s my life,” Dear blurted out at another point.

Lawyers for both sides got up from their seats and huddled with the judge.

Security was tight getting into the courtroom today, and no electronic devices were allowed inside.

“We’re not taking any chances,” said a man from the district attorney’s office who was working the line outside the door and ushering people through a metal detector.

Dear sat at a table with three attorneys including Dan King, a Colorado public defender who had earlier represented James Holmes in the Aurora theater shooting trial this summer. Sheriffs deputies stood guard nearby as a sketch artist captured Dear’s unkept hair and white beard.

At the beginning of the hearing, Dear, dressed in a blue, short-sleeved El Paso County jumpsuit, stared straight ahead, rocking slightly in his chair from time to time as reporters and others filled the courtroom behind him.

This story has been updated. 


  1. Lol… I don’t condone shooting cops. That is a Democrat thing. As for your BS rehtoric about women’s health care… Really? Nobody on the Right wants to deny “healthcare”. You propagate lies to cloud the truth. We don’t like ABORTION. Lumping it together is your propaganda.
    With that said, lets agree. You hate me for my Morals. Good. And I can say without a doubt that I absolutely despise you and your evil friends at Planned Slaughterhood.
    You want us to ignore our beliefs and fund you. We want you to at minimum, stop using OUR money.
    But after the last 7 years of leftist heathens running our country into the ground, alas, there is no hope.
    You want it your way, and we ARE getting fed up.
    Where do we go from here? You want our taxes for your utopia. You want our voices silenced so we can’t speak of morality. And you want our guns, so we can’t defend ourselves.
    Well? Where do we go from here? How do YOU want it to go? The cat is out of the bag. The vids show your Evil. Your fool in DC is dancing the Muslim tune. HILLARY lied and got caught. Your welfare state is turning on you. Where do we go from here!!!
    Blame us. I for one think we might as well get it over with. You want US gone, lead on.

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