VIDEO: Black clergy demands Denver’s DA drop charges in innocence case


Members of Denver’s black clergy expressed their shame today at ever having supported District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

Denver’s Ministerial Alliance pastors decried Morrissey’s refusal to prosecute police officers and sheriff’s deputies for on-duty excessive force and homicide. They slammed him for betraying the African American community. But mostly, they focused their rage on Morrissey’s handling of the case of Clarence Moses-EL — a man who has served 28 years in prison for a crime he has maintained he did not commit, and that another man, L.C. Jackson, has taken responsibility for. The victim said her attacker’s identity came to her in a dream.

Morrissey has not decided whether to re-try Moses-EL. Initially, upon lifting the convictions Monday, Denver District Judge Kandace Gerdes had offered him a bond. His family prepared to welcome him. But Thursday, Morrissey convinced Gerdes to retract the bond until Morrissey speaks with the victim.

Below are four videos of Rev. Reginald C. Holmes, Superintendent Patrick Demmer, Rev. Terrance Hughes and Rev. Tammy Garrett speaking today a rally outside Morrissey’s office, demanding that he finally drop charges against Moses-EL.