TABOR is Jabba the Hut: Peg Perl’s Buzzfeed political observations

As lawyers go, Peg Perl’s pretty fierce. She knows all about state government, ethics, courts, judges and laws. But she has other talents as well. Perl can make some pretty funny viral meme’s on Buzzfeed to explain the ins-and-outs of Colorado politics. Remember her listicle showing the horror of Colorado school board rules?

Now, Perl’s back at it — this time in the days after the new Star Wars movie came out (no spoilers please) — with a crack at what the 2016 Colorado Statehouse session is going to be like.

“Having a hard time getting back to work after spending the weekend standing in line in costume, watching The Force Awakens, and keeping track of which friends are safe to discuss plot twists without #spoileralerts?” she writes. “Ease the transition by comparing upcoming policy debates in the Colorado General Assembly session starting this January with Star Wars in your end-of-year memos.”

So what’s happening next session Star Wars style? Here’s Perl’s overview:

  • Build, Destroy Repeat
  • Major gender equity politics may be overshadowed by sex
  • The legislature may be distracted from a number of bills focusing on pay equity, workplace fairness and other important issues by morality-rhetoric-anti-sex bills that will target women for the choices they make about their bodies with little chance of becoming law (see I above).
  • TABOR is Jabba the Hut
  • Clean air or Vader masks?
  • Lobbyists fill the Capitol like Stormtroopers
  • Behind the scenes supporters may come to light
  • Everyone needs a hyperdrive motivator

What’s all that mean? Check out her listicle here.


Correction 12/22/15: The original headline on this story misspelled Jabba as Jaba.