Wiretap: How Bernie Sanders could beat Hillary Clinton

Sanders’ strategy

The polls in Iowa and New Hampshire are tight. Here’s how Bernie Sanders could beat Hillary Clinton. Via The Washington Post.

Natural born

It’s not just Donald Trump who says Ted Cruz’s presidential eligibility is “unsettled.” Harvard’s Laurence Tribe, who taught constitutional law to Cruz, says the kind of justices that Cruz would appoint to the Supreme Court would question whether Cruz is actually a “natural born” citizen. Via The Guardian.

Shut out

And then there were seven – that’s the number of Republicans who made the main stage for the coming presidential debate. Paul and Fiorina don’t make the cut. Via The New York Times.

Bad branding

Who knows where the Donald’s political run will take him, but the experts say that his campaign has hurt the Trump brand. Via Politico.

Bad response

The morally repugnant response to the sexual assaults in Cologne. Via The Week.

Moving on

Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum tells the story of his illness, his family and the right to die. It’s a story that must be read. Via Mother Jones.

Farewell Bowie

Oh look out now you rock and rollers. David Bowie, who left more than his mark on music, art and fashion, is gone. Via The New York Times.

In heaven

On his final record, Bowie would sing “Look at me/I’m in heaven.” Whatever your belief system, who could doubt it? Via The New Yorker.

Space oddity

The perfect tribute: An astronaut plays “Space Oddity” from outer space. Via Vox.

Photo credit: Erik Brockmeyer, Creative Commons, Flickr

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