Wiretap: Anger’s growing at Obama’s deportations

Rising anger

The anger against the Obama administration is growing with each new round of deportations. Via The Washington Post.

Not tenable

Paul Krugman: Hillary Clinton is right on health-care reform. Bernie Sanders’s bid for a single-payer, expanded-Medicare plan would be better policy, but the truth, Krugman writes, is it could never be passed. Via The New York Times.

Political revolution

How Sanders’s political revolution would change the nation. (Hint: It’s a lot.) Via The Washington Post.

Obama vs. Norway

Clinton’s bet is that in a choice between Obama and Norway that Democrats will stick with the president. Via The New Yorker.

Two Corinthians

The Donald goes to Liberty University to call on Christians to “band together,” citing “Two Corinthians.” Via Politico.

Toward Trump

Via The National Review: If the GOP establishment is forced to choose between Trump and Cruz, it seems to be leaning toward Trump.

Suicide missing

Molly Ball writes in The Atlantic that Ted Cruz and company may be ready to destroy the GOP in order to save it.

These boots

Fancy boots? Rubio doesn’t want to talk footwear. He wants to talk football and guns. Via The New York Times.

Radical message

Those who want to lay claim to Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy often leave out the inconvenient fact of the radicalism of his message. Via The New Republic.

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