Keefe: Thanks, TABOR. You’re sure helping Colorado.


  1. TABOR was the dumbest thing this state EVER did to itself. Leaving us with NO chance of recovery if something catastrophic happens is a fool’s game. And never being able to raise taxes is nonsense, it makes sure that NOTHING can get done that isn’t already being done. how short sighted and foolish. And all so a damned slum lord from CO Springs could be happy. FOOLISH in the extreme.

    It’s time to repeal that piece of nonsense and make Douglass Bruce unhappy again. The state deserves FAR better treatment at it’s own hands than this.

  2. Will, “never being able to raise taxes ”
    Wrong… we get to vote on proposed tax increases. This is the responsibility/ opportunity citizens get to have a say on how their taxes are managed. Sucks to have that limitation imposed on Colorado government.

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