Wiretap: Ted Cruz’s very bad day

Bad day

Ted Cruz’s very bad day began with the popular Iowa Republican governor, Terry Brandstad, basically endorsing everyone in the field except Cruz, saying that Cruz must be defeated. It ended with Sarah Palin flying from Alaska to Iowa to endorse The Donald in the most Palin/Trump rally ever, just one day after Trump got very close to an endorsement from Jerry Falwell Jr. at Liberty University. Via The Washington Post.

Palin’s speech

If you have missed Palin – and who hasn’t — here’s her speech in full, and try not to think of Tina Fey as you read it. Via Buzzfeed.

Foul ball

Donald Trump and the USFL, or how The Donald destroyed a football league. Via Esquire.

Long slog

Is 2016 turning into 2008? Well, Clinton is preparing for — resigning herself to? — another long slog of a primary campaign. Via The New York Times.


Not everyone on the left is necessarily pro-Bernie. Paul Krugman has written his third piece in three days critiquing Sanders. In this one, Weakened at Bernie’s, he writes that Sanders is not exactly forthcoming in his healthcare-reform plan. Meanwhile, The Atlantic’s Ta-Nihisi Coates wonders why Sanders opposes reparations, calling the issue “divisive.” Since when, Coates asks, does Sanders worry about his plans being divisive?

Don’t watch

Sanders had his big night in a debate the Democrats did not want you to watch. Via The Guardian.

Polling problems

The problem with Sanders’s polls in Iowa: Too many votes in too few counties. Via Politico.

Email problems

Does Clinton have more email problems? Via The New York Times.

Taking blame

Michigan governor takes responsibility for Flint’s contaminated water crisis. Not everyone is satisfied. Via The New York Times.

Silent crash

More Air Force drones are crashing than ever, not that you’re likely to hear about the crashes from the Pentagon. Via The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Jamelle Bouie, Creative Commons, Flickr

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