Video: Denver deputies fatally restrain Michael Marshall

Michael Lee Marshall, a mentally ill, homeless man, was fatally restrained by Denver sheriff’s deputies at the jail in November. Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey announced this morning his office would not prosecute the deputies involved in the incident. After pressure from a community hunger strike and a lawsuit filed by The Colorado Independent, Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration released the following videos of Marshall’s confrontation with deputies and how they and jail staff strapped him into a restraint chair and stood around while he stopped breathing and went lifeless.



  1. Seriously, what kind of sick crap is this? A homeless man completely harmless killed. Note to self, if you ever want to become a sick animal become a police officer in Denver and go around killing the homeless. Between that and Denver CRIMINALIZING being homeless, this state is a joke. I was better off living in CHINA AND JAPAN homeless, they never pulled any of this kind of crap on me. Communist China, more humane than Denver, think about that for a moment.

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