Lawmaker postpones voting against unpaid parental leave to take his sick kid to the doctor

Last week Rep. Kevin Priola asked the House Education Committee to postpone a vote on a bill that would allow parents to take an unpaid leave to go to their children’s school activities. Why the delay? He had to take his kid to the doctor.

This week — after his family issues had been resolved — he and four of his Republican colleagues voted against a bill to prevent parents from being fired for putting their children first.

That he could take time off to take care of his kid wasn’t lost on committee chair, Rep. Brittany Petterson, a Lakewood Democrat.

Petterson reminded lawmakers Wednesday that many Coloradans don’t have the “luxury to rearrange work for their children’s needs, which is why this bill is so badly needed,” according to a statement from the House Democrats.

Despite Priola’s “nay,” the bill passed on a party-line 6-5 vote and is headed to the full House for debate.

Update Jan 30, 2016: Priola has not responded to requests for comment on this story.

Photo credit: Kevin Priola’s campaign website

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  1. Typical Republican hypocrite. HE got PAID parental leave!!!! And yet he denies UNPAID parental leave to the rest of us.

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