Wiretap: Youth enters ‘lion’s den’ to challenge Monsanto’s secrecy

Lion’s den

A 16-year-old flew from Toronto to Missouri to confront Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant about the risks of genetically modified organisms. Rachel Parent described the experience as going “inside the lion’s den.”

Her questions

Rachel Parent asked, “If you truly believe your GM technology is safe, if you truly believe it has the potential to feed the world, why are you treating it like a dirty little secret that can’t be shown on food labels?  Why, if it’s such proven technology, are you spending millions of shareholders’ dollars fighting it, rather than promoting it?” Grant agreed to disagree with her points.

Parenting skills

For a taste of the young woman’s rhetorical talents, check out this video of her taking on venture capitalist and TV host Kevin O’Leary.

[youtube id=”HIXER_yZUBg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Who won?

There’s joy in the hearts of many in the GOP establishment now that The Donald is officially a loser — until, that is, they remember who actually won. Via The New Yorker.

Road to victory

In a strange little geography lesson, Cruz’s road to victory in Iowa started at Liberty University in Virginia. Via The National Review.

Bubble boy

Cruz may have won in Iowa and Trump may be leading in the polls, but in New Hampshire they’re coming after Rubio, now known — according to Chris Christie — as the “boy in the bubble.” Via The Washington Post.

Presidential questions

Frank Rich, in a New York magazine Q&A, wonders how anyone can call Marco Rubio a moderate and whether The Donald will “deflate like a big fat balloon.”

Generation gap

Remember the Generation Gap back in the ’60s? If you’re not old enough, there’s still plenty of time to take in the incredible age divide in Iowa between Clinton and Sanders voters. Via The National Journal.

No win

Bernie may have won by losing — if just by a hair – in Iowa, but nothing in the numbers, writes Vox, suggest an Obama-style electoral revolution.

Keeping score

If you need a scorecard, The New York Times has a graphic for that — showing the states that Trump, Cruz and Rubio respectively have to win if they want the nomination.

Coin toss

Dana Milbank says to cut Hillary Clinton some slack. She did win in Iowa after all, even if it took a half-dozen coin flips to do it. Via The Washington Post.

Another death

In Afghanistan, the Taliban gun down a militia war hero. He was 10 years old. Via The New York Times.

Au revoir

Super Bowl update: When Peyton Manning retires, the question now facing the NFL is whether there will be any quarterbacks left who still quote from “Caddyshack.” In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, au revoir, gopher. Via The Wall Street Journal.

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