Wiretap: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders dominate New Hampshire


Changing winds

A snowstorm bearing down on New Hampshire, and snow is not the only thing swirling in the state. The primary vote is finally here, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders — if you trust the polls — are big favorites, and, in the final days, the battles in both parties are battles indeed. Via The Washington Post.

No revolutionary

Dana Milbank: Bernie is no revolutionary. He’s just a lefty politician wise to the ways of politics. Via The Washington Post.

Bloomberg run

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg tells The Financial Times he’s contemplating a presidential run as an Independent. The move would most certainly shake up an already shaken up election season.

Bad math

Cass Sunstein writes in Bloomberg that Hillary Clinton and Sanders have gotten their math all wrong. He says they are spending too much time worrying about the 1 percent and not enough figuring out how to help the bottom 10 percent.

Generation gap

Feminism’s generation gap: Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright are just the latest examples. Via Slate.

Young love

Nate Silver explains why young voters are so in love with Bernie Sanders. Believe it or not, it’s sort of for the same reason that so many were for Ron Paul. Via fivethirtyeight.com.

Broken record

Paul Krugman: Software glitch … broken record? It’s pretty much all the same thing, all the time, in the GOP. Via The New York Times.

Repeat repeat

In case you missed it, Marco Rubio does it again. In case you missed it, Marco Rubio does it again. Via The New York Times.

What’s next

If Christie and Kasich survive New Hampshire, the question then becomes where can they go next. Via Politico.

Postman delivers

The latest Ted Cruz mailer: The check’s in the mail. Via The Huffington Post.

50 games

In defense of the Super Bowl — and of the game of football itself — by a writer who has watched every one: There has to be a rational way forward so that we’re still watching football when there would be a Super Bowl 100. Via The New Yorker.

Political moves

Beyoncé didn’t just steal the halftime show. She turned it into a political act. Via Vox.


Photo credit: Michael Vadon, Creative Commons, Flickr. Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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