Wiretap: Pope Francis’s prayer for migrants dings Donald Trump

Border prayers

On the last day of Pope Francis’s trip to Mexico, he went to the border, climbed atop a platform overlooking the Rio Grande and prayed for the immigrants who flee violence to cross there. If you think that was a repudiation of Donald Trump and his wall, well, so did Donald Trump. Via The Washington Post.

Unlock this

Why Apple doesn’t want to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of one of the dead San Bernardino terrorists. Via Vox.

Good move?

Did Mitch McConnell blow it on his Supreme Court pronouncement? The surprise answer: maybe not. Via The New Republic.

Legitimacy denied

In McConnell’s worst nightmare, some African-Americans are saying that Republicans’ refusal to consider an Obama nomination for the court is another attempt to deny the legitimacy of America’s first black president. Via The New York Times.

Already judging

Obama hasn’t nominated anyone, and if he does, Republicans may not allow the nominee a hearing. But that doesn’t matter to the advocates from the left and right. They’re already on the job. Via The New York Times.

Quitting time?

Eli Stokols is in South Carolina with Jeb!, who is losing in the polls, who lost the Nikki Haley endorsement, who gets told by his supporters that he needs to show more fire and who says that if everyone thinks he’s done for, then “I should stop campaigning maybe.” Via Politico.

Narrower race

Would Trump be the majority choice in South Carolina if it were a two-person race? FairVote breaks down the numbers.

Delegate path

Nate Silver draws up the delegate path that Bernie Sanders needs to take if he is to win the Democratic nomination. Via fivethirtyeight.com.

Killer Mike

How is this campaign different from all other campaigns? The National Review comes to the defense of Killer Mike.

New populism

The new populism: Jill Lepore asks in The New Yorker (warning: long read) whether it’s the message or the medium. Or will Wi-Fi end the party system?

Photo credit: Aleteia Image Department, Creative Commons, Flickr. 

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  1. Oh gosh, the Pope is PATHETIC. Look at this pampered, privileged mere MAN judging Donald Trump. Really? The Pope thinks he’s a rock star. Shut up, sit down and get back to your chair, where you drink your fine wine, sip on the most expensive tea and have your servants waiting on you hand and foot, all behind your BIG MASSIVE WALLS that protect you inside the Vatican. The pope makes us want to vomit. EEEWW just so disgraceful.

    Donald Trump for President! It is more than telling that he’s rattled the nefarious Pope. This is a sure sign Donald Trump is a good man. A man of God. Not a perfect man, but he’s a man of God, because he’s scaring the children who are held captive by the love of money and compromised souls given to the devil. Look at the Pope’s eyes.

  2. The Pope is an evil hypocrite on a golden throne. If I were running as a Republican….

    I would PAY to have the Pope insult me. Probably worth a nice 4% bump in the polls.

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