Where do Democrats and Republicans caucus in Colorado?



With the early primary states from Iowa to Nevada behind us, the next big election swings into Colorado next Tuesday on March 1.

If you’re a registered Democrat or Republican — sorry, unaffiliated voters, you can’t participate — you’ll need to know exactly where to go if you want to caucus for president this year.

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So, how do you know your caucus location?

It’s pretty easy, although you could be forgiven if you’re confused about the process. Because we’re a caucus state, there’s some friction in the way state and local governments handle elections and political parties oversee their caucuses.

One thing you need to know is that your voting location might not be your caucus location. Also, you need to know your caucus location might have changed since the last time you caucused for president. And your county Clerk and Recorder office might not have let you know.

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So here’s what you do:

In you’re a Democrat, CLICK HERE and plug in your address.

If you’re a Republican, click CLICK HERE and plug in your address.

And here’s something interesting: If you’re an unaffiliated voter or a registered Republican you can still find a caucus location in the Democrats’ caucus locator. But if you’re an unaffiliated voter or a registered Democrat, your caucus location won’t show up on the Republican’s caucus locator. No, it isn’t broken. The Republicans just streamlined theirs so it only uses information from registered Republicans in Colorado.

One thing the folks at the state GOP want you to know, though, is that if you know you’re a registered Republican and your address still isn’t working in the locator, make sure you enter it the exact way your address appears on your voter registration.


[Photo credit: kristin_a via Creative Commons on Flickr]