Wiretap: Ben Carson on race and how Obama was ‘raised white’

Black enough

Barack Obama is not black enough for Ben Carson, who says Obama was “raised white.” Via Politico.

Big win

Donald Trump’s ceiling just got a little higher — and a lot broader. He wins in Nevada after winning in South Carolina and winning in New Hampshire. Can anyone stop him now? Via The New York Times.

Born again

Why evangelicals are born again for Donald Trump. Via The Daily Beast.

Now what?

Which is more surprising – that Trump is hijacking the Republican primary or that the party leaders have no idea what to do about it? Via The New Republic.

Stopping Trump

If Republicans can actually figure out a way to stop Trump, that might well mean a brokered convention. Vox explains what that means.

Evangelical candidate

Cruz is finding out how difficult it is to run as the evangelical candidate when your opponents are consistently calling you a liar. Via The Washington Post.

Sworn in

This scares Clinton more than Bernie Sanders: A judge rules that Clinton aides should have to testify under oath about her email server. Via The Washington Post.

Campaign killer

Who killed Jeb Bush’s campaign? Who do you think? Via The New Yorker.

No deal

McConnell and Senate Republicans make it official: They won’t even consider any Obama nomination for the Supreme Court. They won’t even talk to him/her. Via The New York Times.

Getting ready

Julian Castro could be Vice President next year — or he could be out of a job. Either way, he seems ready. Via The Washington Post.

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