Wiretap: Trump won’t renounce a KKK endorsement. Daddy issues?

Civil war?

If you’ve missed the latest news from Trump World, the Republican Party looks as if it’s headed toward a not-so-civil war. In brief, Trump refuses, at least initially, to disavow the KKK, Marco Rubio calls him a con man and makes a small-hands joke, Sen. Ben Sasse says he wouldn’t vote for Trump, Sen. Jeff Sessions joins Gov. Chris Christie in endorsing him and Meg Whitman calls Christie an opportunist. Dick Wadhams gets the closing line in this Washington Post story saying Republicans will rally around Trump in the end.

Still connected

Why did Trump refuse to repudiate the Ku Klux Klan when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him? Could it have to do with Donald’s dad? Via The Atlantic.

Losing fight

Inside the GOP’s desperate attempt to stop the Donald. Via The New York Times.

Going dirty

George Will wonders why it took Marco Rubio 254 days from Trump’s Mexicans-as-rapists line to finally get tough on the Donald. Via The Washington Post.

Remember Berlusconi?

Italy had its own Donald Trump. To describe him, you have to look up the Italian word for disaster. Via The Daily Beast.

Huge win

Clinton’s huge win in South Carolina was even huger than you might think. Via The New Yorker.

Pick Warren

If Obama wants to make his nomination to the Supreme Court mean something, he should pick Elizabeth Warren. Via Slate.

Rock steady

Here’s the transcript of Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue. Via The New York Times.

Spot on

A Boston Globe reporter tells how, to her great surprise, Hollywood got Spotlight right. Via Variety.


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