No love for DA candidate Kenneth Boyd in NE Denver precinct

Bernie Sanders’ younger voters and Hillary Clinton’s older voters in northeast Denver’s Precinct 807 united on one issue at last night’s Democratic caucus: Nobody supported Kenneth Boyd for district attorney.

“He’s Mitch Morrisey’s man,” one caucus goer said.

That was enough to sink him.

In the mixed-race, historically black neighborhood of Northeast Park Hill, being aligned with and endorsed by Denver’s District Attorney Mitch Morrissey — who has never prosecuted a law enforcement officer for on duty excessive force or homicide — is political poison.

Voters were split between the other two Democratic DA candidates, state Rep. Beth McCann and Michael Carrigan, though McCann won by a slight margin. She lives nearby.

Both were celebrated in passionate speeches for taking umbrage with Morrissey’s cozy relationship with the Denver Police and Sheriff’s departments.

Nobody praised Boyd, despite several requests for somebody — anybody — to speak on his behalf.

“Who wants to vote with the establishment guy?” the older white woman leading the caucus asked, after describing what she said were various instances of excessive force that Morrissey refused to prosecute.

Silence. Not one person raised a hand.


Photo credit: Kenneth Boyd for DA


  1. Exact same scenario at my precinct in NW Denver. At 1st mention someone yelled out the exact same thing. Then in the official vote taking portion, the crowd was asked if anyone wanted to say anything on his behalf. There was a long silence and then someone said, “Yeah, that other guy summed it up.”

  2. I work with Kenneth every day. I have known him for eight years. He is NOT Mitch Morrissey in any way, shape or form. These two men are very different. His values, work ethic, morals, as well as the fair treatment he gives everyone in our office regardless of stature (and I am low on that scale) are exactly what Denver needs. These attributes will be what the public sees when he is elected. We need Kenneth Boyd.

  3. Thanks again for showing you have no credibility in your reporting by continuing the lie, “Denver’s District Attorney Mitch Morrissey — who has never prosecuted a law enforcement officer for on duty excessive force or homicide.” Mitch Morrissey’s office has prosecuted 20 plus officers including several for excessive force related cases. Please do the research and report correct facts.

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