Wiretap: Government bashing caused the Flint water crisis


The real cause of the Flint water crisis: In an era of government bashing, America’s infrastructure, once the envy of the world, has been allowed to crumble. It wasn’t always that way. Via The Atlantic.

Record numbers

Immigrants are applying for U.S. citizenship in record numbers to vote against Donald Trump and his extreme anti-immigrant platform. Via The New York Times.

No Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg says he won’t run for president because a third-party attempt could mean a President Trump or a President Cruz. Via Bloomberg.

Still winning

Cruz had a good week. Rubio’s week was a disaster. And the Donald still has a commanding lead. Via Vox.

Endorsing Cruz

You know it’s getting serious when as many as four senators are apparently going to endorse Ted Cruz as a way of stopping Trump. Via The National Review.

Now what?

Black Lives Matter has found its moment, but where does it go next? Via The New Yorker.

Fascism rising?

Milbank: Is Trump flirting with fascism? Via The Washington Post

Air strike

U.S. strikes kill 150 fighters in Somalia. They were said to be planning attacks against American troops. Via The New York Times.

Still blocked

The latest from the Supreme Court wars: GOP leaders are holding firm on the blockade. Via Politico.


Photo credit: abarndweller, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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  1. Leave it to the government and establishment MSM to blame the Flint water crisis on “anti government groups”….

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