Wiretap: Clinton and Sanders jostle over immigration

Clinton vs. Sanders

Bernie Sanders’ startling win in Michigan Tuesday night changed the terms of the Univision debate a night later. It meant, to Hillary Clinton’s chagrin, that it was Clinton-Sanders on immigration instead of Clinton-Trump. Via Politico.

Praising Castro

Because it was Florida and because Bernie is Bernie and because there was video of him praising Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega from back in the day, this became a flash point in the debate. Via The Hill.

Enough debates

Gail Collins: Remember when we were debating about whether the Democrats were having enough debates? Let’s just say those were the good old days. Via The New York Times.

Pure president

The argument isn’t whether or not Sanders voted against a bill that included the auto bailout – he did, sort of — but whether we can afford to have a purist for a president. Via Vox.

What message?

Milbank: Sure, Clinton has the math on her side, but she still needs a message. Via The Washington Post.

Florida politics

In Florida, where they’re used to having a lot of crazy mixed with their politics, they now get Marco Rubio’s last stand, Jeb!’s refusal to endorse, Mitt’s robocalls, Ted Cruz’s embrace of his Cuban heritage and the Donald, most of all the Donald, embracing all those Florida stereotypes – as The New York Times puts it, “the love of a year-round suntan, an obsession with golf, a preening ostentation.”

Face this

Remember when Trump made his crack about Carly Fiorina’s face. Well, now she has endorsed Ted Cruz. Surprised? Via The Atlantic.

Back Cruz?

David French in The National Review: Either the GOP unites behind Ted Cruz now or it gets what it deserves.

Judicial activism

Judge Richard Posner: Of course, the Supreme Court is a politicized court, as the Senate Republicans’ actions prove. But that doesn’t mean it could be anything other than politicized. Via The Washington Post.

Texas bound

The Broncos let Brock Osweiler, their only quarterback, go to the Houston Texan as a free agent. How many people other than John Elway, who engineered the Broncos to all their Super Bowl wins, could get away with that? Via NFL Media.


Photo credit: Edward Kimmel, Creative Commons, Flickr; Michael Vadon, Creative Commons, Flickr

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