Wiretap: Donald Trump lit the fuse. Can the fire be contained?

Violent times

The Trump reality show has turned violent. The protestors are now out in force. Yes, the Donald has lit a fire and now the question is whether it can be contained. Via The Washington Post.

Arrest her

“Get ’em out” has replaced “You’re fired” in the Trumpian lexicon. And now that Trump wants protesters locked up, Trump has moved on, in a Kansas City rally, to “Arrest her. Arrest her.” Via The New York Times.

Why run?

Why did Trump decide to run? Because, The New York Times discovers, he was tired of being a punch line. In which case, yes, you really can blame Obama.

Blame game

Trump says whoever is at fault for the clashes at his rallies — and, for now, he’s blaming Bernie Sanders — the fault does not lie with him. Via Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post.

Endorsing Cruz

The National Review is so afraid of the Donald that it endorses Ted Cruz for president.

Policy problem

Here’s a shocker, via The Atlantic: Even Sarah Palin knows more about policy than Donald Trump.

Silence equals death

The best explanation for Hillary Clinton’s misremembering gaffe on AIDS and the Reagans is that, back in the ’80s, she was part of the Democratic establishment that also wasn’t very involved. Via Vox.

Toward Trump

The Guardian went looking for some Sanders supporters who would vote for Trump if it were Trump-Clinton — and actually found some.

Contested convention

What happens in a contested convention? Amy Davidson provides a history lesson and notes that, in some cases, the first 100 ballots are the hardest. Via The New Yorker.

Bad smell

Thomas Frank’s view from the left: The Clinton presidency was odious. Via Salon.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Elvert Barnes, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. And WHO created “the fuse”…. ?

    THE RADICAL LEFT and it’s former Nazi collaborator’s like George Soros. The Democrat Party which CREATED the Ku Klux Klan. And criminals like Hillary who praised Klan leader Robert Byrd, and praised Margaret Sanger who bragged about killing black children.

    Who are “offended” BY EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE…. and are told by the Mainstream media that it is their RIGHT to commit violence when they are “offended”.

    Lot’s of things “offend” me. But it doesn’t give you, or I, or anyone else the right to commit acts of violence because you are allegedly “offended”.


    Nobody else is to blame. Except for those who encourage violence as an acceptable response to being “offended”.

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