Wiretap: Arrests and celebrations as Obama travels to Cuba

To Cuba

Even as President Obama flies to Cuba, dissidents were being arrested — as if in a direct challenge to the effort to mend relationships with the country. But for most Cubans, the first visit from an American president in nine decades is something to celebrate. Via The New York Times.

Beating Trump

Inside the Republicans’ 100-day plan to push out Donald Trump. Via The New York Times. The Clinton game plan to beat Trump: Let’s just say it looks a lot different from the Republican game plan. Democrats say they will take Trump seriously from the beginning. Via The Washington Post.

On script

Trump has a different game plan for his speech tonight to AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee). He’s using a script and his aides promise the speech will actually contain substance. At least one thing remains the same: There will be protests. Via Politico (and our own Eli Stokols).


In The Atlantic, Molly Ball writes of what she calls the final stage of Republican grief. But when it comes to the Donald, there may be much more grieving to come.

New gig, old news

Jim Rutenberg writes his first media column for The New York Times (he replaces the late, great David Carr). His topic comes as no surprise: Trump and the media’s codependent relationship with him.

Bernie’s fail.

Two Newton parents write in a Washington Post op-ed that Bernie Sanders was wrong about their lawsuit.

Texas abortion

According to a study by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project: After Texas laws closed down half of the state’s abortion clinics, clients had to travel four times farther to get an abortion. Via Vox.

Tunisia’s Revolution

A long read via George Packer at The New Yorker: Tunisia’s Revolution was the inspiration for the Arab Spring. How did it become the leading exporter of jihadis?

Rubio’s campaign

Long read: The rise and stall of Marco Rubio. What comes next. Via Alex Leary at The Tampa Bay Times.

Photo credit: Pete Prodoehl, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. Cuba is a nice diversion away from Obama’s ever growing list of crimes and the stolen 2016 elections. Stolen elections is pretty much what most Americans have become so accustomed to witnessing… and yes this time most of us (including myself) will be voting largely out of anger, including if one truly studies the issues and backgrounds there is only one candidate running who is worth voting for.

    The only way to “beat Trump”… is to cheat Trump. And that is fully what iv’e been witnessing and expect to see. Despite all the voter intimidation, threats of rape and murder, and constant attempts by the media at character assassination…. basically slander and Libel…. Trump will continue to pack out stadiums with lines around the block.

    In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet…. Americans are no longer going to tolerate our money being stolen without our consent to finance rapefugee Jihadi’s and Communist games. Were tired of being lectured by wanna be intellectual Leftist SJW’s about our “privilege” and all the other garbage these Soros fueled Lunatics spout which is total BS. And we are no longer going to stand idly by while our country is raped and pillaged by scum.

    TRUMP 2016

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