Wiretap: Dozens dead after explosions in Brussels

Brussels explosions

Another deadly attack, this time in Brussels. There were two explosions at the airport and one at a metro station. At least 26 are dead and the city is in lockdown. The attack comes four days after the capture of Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam, who was apprehended in Brussels. Via The New York Times.

Known, unknown

What we know and don’t know. Via The New York Times.

Joining ISIS

A New Yorker story from 2015 on why Belgian teenagers were joining ISIS.

Trump speaks

This is The Washington Post editorial board interview with Donald Trump that you’ve heard so much about. Read it. You won’t regret it. Or maybe you will.

Big interview

The biggest news from the interview: Trump is skeptical of future funding of NATO and questions the need for the number of American troops in Asia. Via The Washington Post.

No walkout

The National Review said Trump had a pretty good night at AIPAC. At least there was no large-scale walkout.

Fighting words

Now Elizabeth Warren has gone to social media to take on Donald Trump. She called him a loser. He called her an Indian. It’s on. Via The Boston Globe.

President Trump

Meanwhile economist Alan Blinder writes in The Wall Street Journal that a Trump presidency would mean exploding deficits, high tariffs and the deportation of millions of workers, resulting in a likely global depression.

Moving forward

Bernie Sanders is on his likely way to win more than a few states over the next few weeks. The question is whether he can win enough delegates to make a dent in Hillary Clinton’s considerable pledged-delegate lead. Via Vox.

Photo credit: Muktimages, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. Once a beautiful city…. Brussels is now basically an Islamic “no go” zone. Radical Wahabbi’s mass imported in by NATO and treasonous EU leadership to justify a State of emergency (dictatorship).

    Islam is evil, the Jihadi’s are evil, and Islam is ILLEGAL under US Law. So is any other “religion” (CULT) which encourages rapes and murders in it’s written doctrines.

    ANYONE caught aiding / abetting the Islamic INVASION of the west is guilty of high treason- Article III, Section III. The penalty of which is death.

    We will not allow a fascist, totalitarian, theocratic dictatorial mass rape cult to invade and rape America with STOLEN tax money without the tax payers consent. So consider your attitudes carefully….. siding with cults who are OPENLY HOSTILE to the Bill of Rights in both action and written doctrine is HIGH TREASON.

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