Wiretap: Ted Cruz to police: ‘Secure Muslim neighborhoods’

Poor Jeb!

Jeb, desperate to stop Trump, endorses Ted Cruz, who in the day after the Brussels terror attack, proposed that cops “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” So which is the divisive candidate? Via Vox.

Missing clues

The many missed clues in the ISIS attack in Brussels — coming 4 1/2 months after the Paris attacks – show not only the depth of the problem facing Europe, but also the failure of the Belgian security forces in dealing with violent Islamist radicals. Via The Washington Post.

Behind the photo

The story behind the iconic photo of the victim of the Brussels airport bombing. Via Time.

Blood brothers

As siblings are once again at the center of a terrorist attack, experts wonder why so many brothers are so often involved. Via The New York Times.


If you’re among those hoping that the #neverTrumpists have figured out a way how to stop the Donald, Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report has some bad news.

Still there

The National Review wants to know why John Kasich is still in the race and why more people aren’t calling him out for it.

Board room

If a Clinton-Trump presidential battle turns into a street fight, as many expect, Hillary can’t take the battle to a paneled academic conference room as she did at Stanford when calling out Trump and Cruz for their remarks after the ISIS attack in Brussels. Via Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast.

Name power

On the other hand, Clinton was a lot tougher on Trump than Paul Ryan who couldn’t bring himself to mention the Donald’s name. Via The Atlantic.

Pot shot

The New York Times comes to Hotchkiss to see how a Colorado coal town, facing hard times, may be set to give legal pot a second chance.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr

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  1. Ted is a traitor with establishment donors. A RINO in Elephant’s clothing. He only exists now as a desperate act to somehow prevent Donald Trump from hitting the 1,237 delegate mark.

    We don’t need to “watch” Muslims. We need to DEPORT THEM OR KILL THEM.

    Islam is the most violent, theocratic, fascist totalitarian rape cult the world has ever witnessed.
    The name Islam itself means: “To submit”.

    Islam and it’s adherents are OPENLY HOSTILE to the Bill of Rights, western values, and the freedom’s and Liberty’s of ALL other people.

    You “religious freedom” ENDS… where you contain FELONY’S in your written doctrine encouraging the rape and murder of non-believers.

    This is not “migration” of peaceful loving war victims. This is MASS INVASION of a psychotic cult sponsored by the NWO banksters.

    Saudi Arabia FREQUENTLY: Beheads teenagers, stones girls for the “crime” of being raped, crucify’s women, and even beheads kids for the “crime” of listening to pop music. (WTF ?) Saudi is the CAPITOL of global Islam. Saudi also funds ISIS in collusion with Barack Obama and the RINO traitors like McCain.


    Were I President I would sign EXECUTIVE ORDERS making it legal for any US Citizen to kill Muslims. Muslims would have 1 month to pack their stuff and go COD to the Muslim country of their choice.

    I would also offer TAX INCENTIVES to any American who killed a Muslim: $1,000 write-off per head.





    Ted Cruz can jump in a lake. TRUMP 2016 “Put America first, defend America first”

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