Superdelegate Jared Polis orders takeout. He’s lobbied: ‘Feel the Bern’

Jared Polis


Colorado Democratic Congressman Jared Polis of Boulder didn’t pick the winner in his home state’s presidential caucuses this year. Not by a long shot. He’s backing Hillary Clinton who lost to Bernie Sanders by 19 points on the March 1 caucus night.

But, because of the way the system works, Clinton could still tie Sanders in Colorado when it comes to the superdelegate count.

Polis is a superdelegate because he’s a sitting congressman. And if you don’t think some Sanders supporters who felt the Bern on March 1 in Colorado are leaning on Polis in his capacity as a superdelegate— think again.

Just look at this note the congressman got with his recent takeout order from Native Foods:

Now that’s what you call grassroots advocacy.


*A previous version of this story transposed the word “caucused” for “primary.” Which we embarrassingly regret, especially when we’ve dedicated so much recent coverage to caucuses versus primaries


  1. I hope many of us Colorado Democrats will contact our Colorado super-delegates, such as U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and U.S. Representative Jared Polis, and other Colorado superdelegates, to tell them the following:

    If you don’t vote for Bernie Sanders for president, at the Philadelphia Democratic Nominating convention this summer, then, I won’t vote for you!

    In other words, Colorado’s caucuses have backed Bernie Sanders for President by about 20 points, so we voters in Colorado should tell Colorado super-delegates that if they want our votes, then, they MUST vote for Bernie Sanders for president, at the Philadelphia Democratic Nominating convention this summer (July), in order to show that our Colorado super-delegates DO represent us Colorado voters!

    The phone number for the Campaign headquarters of super-delegate U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, is 303-381-0121.

    The campaign headquarters phone number for super-delegate Sen. Michael Bennet is 303-433-0022.

    Until and if the super-delegate system ever gets eliminated, we need our super-delegates to do what we Colorado Democrats have voted for, namely–-Vote FOR Bernie Sanders for president!

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