Wiretap: Where’s Marco Rubio?

Where’s Marco?

National ReviewWhere is Marco Rubio and why has he refused to endorse Ted Cruz?

Logical fallacy?

Nation columnist Katha Pollitt wonders why if anti abortionists insist abortion is child murder, why wouldn’t they agree with the Trumpian logic that the woman having the abortion shouldn’t be punished. Via The New York Times.

Trump’s economics

If you missed The New York Times interview with Donald Trump on foreign policy, you should catch up with The Washington Post’s interview with Trump on the economy. It’s a must read.

Strange economy

The bizarre optimism in the Donald’s pessimistic economic message, or how you eliminate (or don’t) a $19 trillion deficit in eight years. Via The Washington Post.

Old regrets

If Bernie Sanders fails to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, he can blame the strategic mistakes he made in 2015. Some of his advisers already are. Via The New York Times.

Logic game

Can logic win out over passion? That’s the question being asked, and possibly answered, at Clinton campaign rallies. Via The Washington Post.

$2 billion

Revealed in The Guardian: the $2 billion trail that leads directly to Vladimir Putin. They’re calling them the Panama Papers.

History lessons

Terrorism is an age-old problem. Looking back at how it has been dealt with could help us figure out what to do about it now. Via The Atlantic.

Bike sharing

Don’t tell Dan Maes, but bike sharing is much safer than plain old bike riding. But why? Whatever the reason, it’s got nothing to do with the United Nations. Via Vox.


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr

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