Wiretap: Daily News slams Cruz: “Take the FU Train, Ted”

FU Train

Cruz visits the Bronx, gets booed, and the Daily News advises him — on its front page — to take the F U train. Via The New York Daily News.


No contest

George Will: If there’s a contested convention, the embarrassingly unprepared Trump is out of league, meaning Ted Cruz would be the Republican nominee. Via The Washington Post.

Cruz haters

And yet, despite Cruz’s sudden bid to unify the party, many establishment Republicans still can’t stand Cruz, and most of them refuse to endorse him. (See: Gardner, Cory). Via The Washington Post.

Legal but wrong

The real scandal in the Panama Papers is that most of what we’ve learned about is entirely legal. Sure, there’s criminal activity there, just starting with tax evasion and money laundering. But most of the rich people don’t want to break the law. They want to defeat the spirit of the law. Via The Atlantic.

Bad jab

Bernie Sanders tells a crowd of supporters that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. He apparently said it in response to Clinton saying he was not qualified. One problem: It seems that Clinton never said it. Via Politico.

Even worse

The Colorado Republican Party can breathe easy. The infighting in the North Carolina GOP is much, much worse. Via The Washington Post.

Just quit

Why John Kasich can’t take a hint and has turned, instead, into the Thing That Wouldn’t Leave. Via The National Review.

Fighting abortion

Inside the Republican war on Planned Parenthood. You can start with the 280 laws passed across 31 states since 2011 to limit or restrict access to abortion rights. Via Rolling Stone.

Mama tried

Merle Haggard, dead at 79. Rolling Stone offers up 30 essential Haggard songs.

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